Our Story

Founded on the principle that great wine can only come from a great source, Silvertip Vineyards was begun with the intent of producing wines that express the uniqueness of the soil and climate of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

In 1967 Gerald Nelson purchased 162 acres of Santa Cruz Mountain land, and soon after planted the land with Christmas trees. For 30 years, the property was known as Nelson’s Christmas Tree Farm and the family grew a variety of Christmas trees, the most prized trees among them were the slow growing Silvertip Firs.

In 1999 the Nelson family decided to exchange Christmas trees for grape vines and 9 acres of Pinot Noir and Syrah were planted. Over the years since establishing the vineyard, the high quality fruit that the estate produces has been sold to numerous wineries in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  In 2008 the family decided to venture out on their own and create a brand that could highlight the exceptional character of the fruit produced from the estate.

Silvertip Vineyards began with the intent to produce nothing less than some of the finest Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Syrah that California can produce. With a dedication to the unique terroir of the vineyard, the mission is to create wines that will not only prove worthy of ageing, but will also inspire, delight, and bring joy to the senses.